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Complying with our high standard of service and facilities, our Approved Repairers are experienced automotive technicians performing general repairs to specialist repairs including auto-electrical, air-conditioning, LPG conversions-repairs, radiators and automatic transmissions.

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Garry's Auto Services - Castle Hill

To Trevor & the team at Garry's - we really appreciate your service and assistance sorting out our electrical problems with our BMW. It was terrific of you to arrange for the computer programming with Trivett. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company. NRMA Member.

Blackheath Automotive Services - Blackheath

I have been totally blown away by the service offered at Blackheath Automotive, Great Western Highway, Blackheath. But it's not just the service - you should see the way they train their young fellows who work for them - not just in auto mechanics but in manners. Everything at the workshop is immaculate, work is done on time and one is treated with the utmost courtesy. The garage has a great reputation in our small town and deserves all the accolades it gets. Some say it's a bit more expensive than others but the quality is certainly worth it. Pat. NRMA Member.

Chatswood Auto Repairs – Chatswood

I was considering buying a vehicle but wanted a vehicle inspection first. The service was comprehensive, objective and most helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend this Approved Repairer. Thank you very much. Gerry, NRMA Member.

RW Brown Automotives - Parramatta

I was advised to go to RW Brown by Motoring Advice and the cruise control installation carried out was perfect. I am extremely happy with the service received from RW Brown, NRMA Approved Repairer. Mike, NRMA Member.

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